Reconciliation GOD Alienation GOD


We welcome your requests, suggestions, questions, and support.  Our staff is limited, our resources are limited, and our time is limited, so please understand at this current time were just getting this ministry on it’s feet and may take some time to get things rolling.

We are not attorneys, professional counselors, psychologists, or trained counselors.  Were dad’s and mom’s who care about you: the alienated parent, the children, and the alienator.  We study God’s word and we want to offer you scripture and prayer.

We will also want to lead you to resources, teachers, and biblical counselors who we consider friends and partners to our ministry.

We care about you finding forgiveness, reconciliation, and peace.

May our creator, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph redeem you, protect you, call you to Him, and make you a true disciple of His son Jesus Christ our savior.  Amen.

Lastly, if you you want to help our ministry in some way, we welcome your thought, prayers, donations, partnerships, and even possibly joining our team.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Blessings and peace be to you.
Please keep your message or request brief and we will do our best to reply for more details within several days to a couple of weeks upon receipt.