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About God Alienation

Our God is a jealous God and He is very protective over his people, especially His little children.  You have heard the term parent alienation, a serious situation of child abuse and child theft, typically following a separation and divorce.  A much more serious issue is alienating children from God, which is a direct result of alienating a child from parent.

No one can imagine the pain, suffering, and hardship an alienated parent goes through.  Our ministry is made up of parents just like you who have found peace, joy, happiness, comfort, love, direction, and hope for the future.  We know your hurting and were here to help you with your relationship with God and your children.

If you are a child or even a grown child who was significantly separated from one of your parents in a divorce situation, you unknowingly or knowingly were used as a tool or weapon to hurt and disassociated with your alienated parent, aunts, uncles, cousins, or friends from that parents associations.  Were here to help!

YES!  Yes, there is absolutely help for you too!  God forgives and God absolutely wants you in His life.  If you were once a believer and desire reconciliation with God or you want to learn about God and find hope for your life, were here to help!  Our God is a God of restoration, healing, comfort, and can repair the damage in our lives!

Hope for the alienated

Hope for the children

Hope for the Alienator

Find victory in God’s court rather than man’s court

You've heard it said, this is a civil matter concerning divorce, family decisions, and child custody; but is that what God’s word tells us?  Churches will send you and your children to a psychologist and to family court to resolve biblical matters, is this church in serious error?  Is it best to stay out of court and if you are forced into court due to an unforgiving, unwilling to repent, hateful, or vengeful spouse, should the church get involved?

What does the bible say?

Is your church preventing or promoting God Alienation?

Churches commonly do not address God Alienation and may also participate and even encourage God Alienation out of ignorance or out of blatant sin.  It is critically important for your church to learn about God Alienation so that it may ensure a right standing with God and help save lives for those who are otherwise effected by God Alienation in their church.  It is shameful that so many churches ignore the issues concerning God Alienation, this is an indictment.

What can you do about it?

Biblical counseling

Mediators versus divorce court

Psychoheresy Awareness

Support groups




Round Table

If you desire to be an advocate against child abuse and willing to donate your time to this cause, join us on June 21st for our first round table discussion concerning God Alienation.  If enough people volunteer, we can create focus groups and game plans to bring awareness and to help prevent God Alienation in our communities.




This gathering is for anyone who would like to meet like minding believers who share the same concerns centered around child abuse and God Alienation.  You can make friends, maybe create support groups, find help for your self, and possibly learn how you might find your place in helping prevent God Alienation.



Conference (tentative)

Suicides caused by God Alienation may increase in December and were hopeful to have a conference or workshops to be proactive.  This depends on participants who want to join our team.  This date may be premature, but hopefully believers will stand up for this great challenge and cause to bring awareness and prevent God Alienation.



Resources & Partners

“God Alienation is when one person becomes controlled by another,

and the controlling party forces the controlled, against their free will,

to oppose God and His will, thus harming and potentially severing

the controlled party’s relationship with God.”  Chad Cohrs

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